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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Get Loan Without Collateral Irrespective Of Your Location In Nigeria

Hello,nice to have you here.I would like to quickly get you informed of a non-collateral loan that you can get anywhere in Nigeria;be it Lagos,Edo,Abuja you are good to get this loan from any part of Nigeria without parting with a collateral.

A company in Lagos is actually pioneering this and alot of people have keyed into it .This brief article is to get the word out to as many as possible,so interested persons can get this loan without collateral irrespective of location in Nigeria.This company gives up to one hundred thousand to business persons to finance their entity and five hundred thousand naira to workers to enable them meet whatever contingencies or needs there might be.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Learn How To Make Paint In Two Weeks

Paint is daily becoming an irresistible product for building owners,estate managers,shop owners,office owners,churches,mosque,households to mention but a few.

The opportunities available to those in the paint business is endless;from sales in their own outlets,supplies to building sites,supplies to distributors,wholesalers and retailers in the open market,to supplies to any location nationwide,the paint business knows no bounds.

A hands on training in paint production is a plus to anyone that wants to venture into the business,taking lessons from the professionals is a big advantage.

Paint production is made up of several chemical mixtures that would be very difficult to comprehend without appropriate training,these chemicals enable the mix to be called paint in the final stage.

Different chemicals comes with varying functions which includes thickness,coverage,dust proofing,durability etc.A would be paint producer must therefore acquaint himself with these if he must succeed in the business.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Come Colour With Dynamicx Paint


Dynamicx paint a product of Brintaz and Dynamicx is the paint to beat in all kinds of buildings that requires nothing but 360 degree beauty and architecture.Dynamicx paint is the best choice for all your buildings whether bungalows,duplex,estates and more;it is an unregrettable choice for the job.

Made from industry best materials,Dynamicx paint is durable,long lasting with an excellent finish.Dynamicx paint boast of high quality in terms of:

1.THICKNESS:When it comes to delivering paint that is sure to save you some cash,think of Dynamicx paint.Each drum and container is tailored to industry standard thickness that will see you demanding for more.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola Died - Prophet I.o. Ogedegbe

Until his sudden departure to glory on Sunday, 26th July, 1959, Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola showed no sign of illness. On Friday 24th July, he returned to Ibadan to attend the general council’s meeting slated for that day. On Saturday morning, 25th July, Apostle Babalola conducted the morning prayer for ministers and members living in the vicarage of C.A.C. Olugbode, Ibadan and prayed for everybody. The same day, he sent two of his followers, Michael and another fellow to me at Ede that I should prepare a place for him to sleep. I never knew he was talking of his final sleep. Apostle Ayo Babalola arrived Ede around 6:30 in the evening that Saturday and he was gladly received. Before his arrival, I had prepared my bedroom ready for him.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

How To Produce Liquid Mosquito Insecticide

Insecticides are anti-insects substances or products capable of controlling,checking,repelling or killing insects inorder to contain their spread and depopulate them;a typical example is mosquito.Mosquitoes are known to spread the plasmodium parasite that causes malaria which has claimed lives world wide,without products formulated to stop their menace,mosquitoes will cause more harm.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sample Curriculum Vitae(Resume)

   One of the first ways to reach employers when searching for a job is through your curriculum vitae or resume.It is important you package your curriculum vitae in a way as to catch the interest of the employer.

  Your curriculum vitae is what will first determine your invitation for aptitude test or direct oral interview;if it is not well written,tendency is you will never be invited let alone getting the job.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Man Catches Neighbour Having Sex With His Wife On His Matrimonial Bed In Lagos

A man in Ajegunle area of Lagos State, on Saturday, caught his wife having sex with a neighbour in his bedroom.

The wife identified as Gift, a mother of two kids, and the next door neighbour, Chukwuka, were making love in her bedroom, at Ojo Road when the husband, Udoh, arrived and was hinted about what was happening by their neighbours.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How To Prepare Moimoi

Moimoi is a proteinous food made from beans and I am yet to come across a Nigerian who distaste this food.

  All over Nigeria, anywhere you go to if you ask for this delicacy,it is always available.It is prepared at home,prepared in parties,it is carried by the food vendor and sold in fast foods.Moimoi is tasteful,colorful and appeal to both the human eye and stomach.

How To Avoid Divorce In Marriage

Divorce in marriage is the termination of marital vows by couples,a separation that finally leads to the end of the marriage.The coming together of a man and a woman in accordance with God's ordinance as husband and wife for the purpose of companionship and ultimately procreation is marriage.While marriage is viewed as sacred in God's sight,not very many couples have come to actually realise that;for some its just about putting up with a spouse,if the spouse happens to fail in a particular aspect of the marriage then "quit" is the word.

Friday, September 4, 2015

How To Add Adsense Inside The Content Of Your Blog Post

Are you still finding it difficult to add adsense inside the content of your blog post?This actually took me sometime to understand but here you can just have it for free and not pass through the rigors I went through trying to figure it out.

  I've always been left at awe each time I visit certain blogs,read through their post and suddenly discover google ad inside their content;most times I am almost tempted to believe that the ad is a part of the post as I cannot just read the post without going through the ad.

  You will certainly agree with me that what most bloggers do is to have google ads placed outside the content either to the right or left sidebar,header or footer;while this is good,most readers may never bother to look at them as the readers get more absorbed in the content of the post itself.The content of the post is the primary concern of readers,in short it is the only reason they visited your blog.Many through search engines like google,blogs that gave you credit,forums you linked to or other websites.It is never the intention of the reader to find an ad but finding one,the reader might just want to know more.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Gay Marriage:A Biblical Perspective

     For verily I say unto you,till heaven and earth pass,one jot or one title shall in no wise pass from the law ,till all be fulfilled.Mattew 5:18

    So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth,it shall not return unto me void,but it shall accomplish that which I please,and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.Isaiah 55:11

   Therefore shall a man leave father and mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh.Genesis 3:24

  Male and female created he them .Genesis 1:27b

  Gay are people sexually attracted to same sex,a man getting attracted to another man,woman getting attracted to another woman sexually.They do to themselves what  a man  and a woman are expected to do together in order to reproduce,replenish the earth.

Friday, August 28, 2015


        It is often a common saying by many that “even federal government they owe”.While this is true and cannot be disputed,one′s ability to owe must be weighed on the balance or rather scale to pay back inorder to be a successful borrower.

      No one actually likes to take a loan or in a more simpler language borrow;the strings of borrowing or taking a loan is too long or much too demanding for one to run away from or like the biblical yoke ,break off one′s neck,however,with much demand on an individual comes also much demand on his finances.

Friday, August 14, 2015


The bible is God's word in the pages of book,handed to us to know the mind of God,his thoughts towards us.The word of God is what cleanses our way to enable us remain in the plan of God(Psalm 119:9),the word of God is the only thing that can keep us away from sin(Psalm 119:11),the word of God is what keeps us from stumbling(Psalm 119:105).


General certificate examination (GCE) also known as West Africa School Certificate Examination(WASCE)Private is usually conducted around November/December of each passing year in Nigeria;unlike WAEC that is mainly for secondary school leavers,GCE is for all,I mean everybody,everyone.

   Not limited to the young or old,GCE is usually taken by those who are working class or business people,looking for one or more papers to complete their ordinary level result.The young are offcourse not left out as most people sitting for this exam do so because of one or more papers they could not pass in their WAEC,others because they could not or never wrote WAEC.


Ewedu soup is common among the yoruba speaking people of Nigeria as they usually use it with amala.

  Ewedu is prepared from ewedu leaf which can be cultivated in the farm or at home.It is a stretching leaf,so if not careful with it,you may easily get your clothes messed up.Ewedu is a very delicious soup,usually taken with stew and if you can prepare it,happy are you.


Curriculum vitae also known as resume is a written record of a person's education and employment that is sent or presented when applying for a job.Curriculum vitae must therefore carry the following uncompromised information irrespective of who own the document.


  There are so many christians today who still find it difficult to say morning prayers.Prayer should be a way of life for every christian even our Lord Jesus Christ had to teach his disciples how to pray in Mattew chapter 6 verse 9-13.Similarly in Luke chapter 18 verse 1,he stressed the need for continuous prayer.


   Fornication is premarital sex.It is being involved in the act of sex or having sexual intercourse before marriage.Fornication is condemned by the bible(1 corinthians 6:18),since sex was ordained by God as a means of raising offsprings and enjoyable only in marriage.

Starting a Money Lending Business

A money lending company is a kind of business that is becoming popular nowadays. This is due to the fact that people are now being affected by economic crisis. Money lending businesses usually provides people the opportunity to gain credit in different ways whether by means of credit cards, personal loans and other types. The market for money lending companies is already saturated by big banks, tycoons and other business that have enough money to lend people in need. If you think about starting your own money lending business but you fear that it will not work, then probably you might want to take the risk. There are money lending firms that focus on small market that offers money via check cashing, payday advance, loans and other credit service. Remember if you are starting this kind of business, it would be best to start up small.
There is now a high demand when it comes to money lending companies and it will be growing in the next years due to the fact that a lot of people consider borrowing money from lenders. Money lending companies are steadily increasing nowadays and they are often found in the high class market. Some of them are part or affiliated with big companies or stable organization. Credit services are proven to be popular as well in communities. If you are planning to open an individual lending business, you might want to serve in a wider area.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


  Each year several eligible job seekers graduate from Nigeria's higher institutions of learning with hope of joining the country's labour force.Happy school is over,many after their service year start to wonder how to go.  about getting jobs in an economy with high unemployment rate.Some who have had hopes on uncles,friends,parents etc are shocked to the marrow when such hopes are dashed to the wall and therefore wonder where to start from.

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